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For the 5th Anniversary of our international brewing competition, this year’s UnderDog hop is Kazbek!

Have a scroll through the esteemed CHAMPIONS from previous years

who also could not use any of the most popular hop varieties to create their exceptional brews!

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Using COMET hops, Hop Hooligans impressed our panel of independent judges with their COLLISION COURSE hazy IPA. Since the announcement of their win, they’ve hired an additional full-time brewery employee, launched their cans available for purchase online through Honest Brew, and (thanks to the generous UnderDog travel fund!) joined Simply Hops on the Hallertau Hop Harvest Tour to enjoy the second-largest hop growing region in the world, as well as poured at or attended about a dozen festivals which continues to increase their brand recognition.


Marco Valeriani headed the Hammer brew house to clinch the UnderDog Champion place using MANDARINA BAVARIA hops. No surprise that this twice-named Italian "Brewer of the Year" has now moved on to launch his own brewery, Alder Beer Co.


When they won the competition using SUMMIT hops, Tiny Vessel unleashed a small new experimental brand featuring unfiltered and vessel-conditioned beers.

With TARGET, a serious UnderDog of a hop, Ebeltoft achieved victory in our very first UnderDog competition. Ebeltoft is known for their gorgeous farmhouse brewery and beer garden, as well as their affiliation with Mikkeller - Ebeltoft beers and craft sodas are available at the Mikkeller webshop and they collaborated on a special brew for the MBCC '19.